Mesa. Naperville. Art. Camping. Poetry. Viola. Soccer. Music. Parties. Graffiti. Tip Top. Tattoos. Chicago. Columbia College. Phoenix. First Sight. PHX H&G. Love. Distance. Fionna. Ziggy. Arid. Urban Cactus. Road Trip. Lynwood. Marriage. Home. Johnny Copper. Now.



Landscape Designer. 2005 Arizona State University BSLA. Mother Earth Embellisher. You do doodle. Hindsight is a magnifying glass, you can analyze all day but it won't change the past. Creating a vinculum between green space and asphalt plains. Ian McHarg. Frederick Law Olmstead. Phoenix is rooting. First plant: Tradescantia pallida. Favorite plant: Fouquieria splendens. Like no other. Sonoran Desert. Phoenix to Minneapolis to Phoenix. Maren. Positivity. Laughter. Skill growth. Poking fun at cacti. Roberto Burle Marx. Form follows function. Cactus backer. Agave aficionado. Vinyl Records. Analog is the ear. Technics. Gil Scott Heron. Fela Kuti. Bob James. Montana 94. Uppercut the future.



Plant Educator. Embracing connection, Becoming my environment. Staying present. Observing. Seeking change. Learning from failure. Dig It? An experience in and of itself. What the hive is to bees, flowers and nature, Dig it, is to humans, beauty and the biosphere; A reflection of the environment in the form of being. Favorite Plant?Artocarpus heterophyllus, the Jackfruit tree. Foraging urban brunches. Tennis. Vegan. Working towards Permaculture Design Course Certification. Current goal: Learn more and teach sustainable principles. Enrich the local environment.



Plant Educator. The interaction of plants and art; representing information, passion, interaction. Relaying information. Unconventionality. Adaptation. First plant? Bismarckia nobilis; slow-growing habit leaving anticipation. Soil; the foundation of life. More oxygen, less water. Greatest achievement: being a role model to my kids, watching them change the world. Family; the driving force of my passion. Becoming a respected representative of plants; providing unique information about their care. Finishing Mesa Community College’s Landscape Horticulture program.