Plants In The Classroom

In an effort to make schools safer, construction has been done to reduce the number of windows in Arizona schools. Studies have proven time and time again that windows can increase grades in a classroom - but if we can't create more windows, what do we do? We bring the outdoors inside!


Having indoor plants inside classrooms creates a positive effect of students without them ever knowing. Houseplants bring oxygen into the air, increase attention spans, and make sure that after-lunch slump goes away in no time. Houseplants have also been proven to increase mood, memory, and immune systems (that means less sick days). In fact, houseplants increase humidity - meaning they collect dust. Studies have proven this effect to relieve sore throats and coughing up to 30%. The University of Michigan found a 20% increase in the information retention ability of students who had a plant near them, and The Royal College of Agriculture, Cirencester, UK, found attentiveness to increase up to 70% when plants are in a classroom.

Plants are great at attracting dust, as we mentioned, and these same properties work as noise cancellers as well! That means your child will be able to focus more on their teacher than on a chair scooting on the floor, pencils being sharpened, or whispering across the room. So, as you’re going back to school shopping and begin to collect markers, crayons, and pencils, consider donating a houseplant or two to your child’s teacher. It’s the gift that keeps growing - and giving!