An Interview with Min Skivington

Today we're interviewing Min Skivington, the Marketing & Outreach Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona. Min is an avid plant collector and we thought she would be a great fit for our new interview series. Not only this, but Dig It has worked closely with both Min and the Epilepsy Foundation since our start. To learn more about the Epilepsy Foundation, and everything they do, click here.

Q: Name? Age?

A: Min Skivington, 29!

Q: What type of residence do you live in, and where? We find that it shapes your environment that houses your plants.

A: I live in an apartment in Phoenix with a large deck. In fact, my deck is pretty much at full capacity with Dig It plants! My entire collection is pretty much all succulents and cacti - I can't keep plants inside of my apartment because of my cats. I do keep plants in my office though! 

Plant Nursery Phoenix Arizona

Q: How would you describe your plant collection status? What is your relationship with plants?

A: I'm obsessed and need more room! Relationship-wise, we're pretty close and you could say it's getting serious! We're lucky that we live in Arizona and can afford to have not only plants year-round but such a large variety of plants. I definitely look towards plants for inspiration when I draw.

Q: Do you find yourself gravitating toward certain types of plants?

A: I don't necessarily find myself gravitating towards a certain variety of plants, but I always am gravitating towards Dig It. Plants from here are so different and you don’t see them at big-box stores. The uniqueness definitely drives me into the store!

Plant Nursery Phoenix Arizona

Q: Have you ever turned your car around to take a closer look at a plant or take a picture?

A: Yep - all the time! Once we were in the Saguaro Desert near Tucson on a work trip. I definitely had to turn the car around to snap a picture!

Q: How would you describe the Epilepsy Foundation's relationship with plants?

A: Our team came to Dig It when you first opened and bought a few plants for our office. From there, we've fostered a relationship with Dig It over the years through different fundraising events, especially our annual gala. Each year Dig It donates an arrangement for the gala's silent auction with the proceeds benefitting the foundation. Other than fundraisers, we like to work with Dig It because it fosters a local relationship that big-box stores just don't have. Dig It is very similar to us because there are only two people running the foundation's Arizona chapter - all the events, fundraisers, and our huge gala. Dig It also has a small team, but manages to do so much.


The Epilepsy Foundation's Annual Gala will be on September 15th, 2018 from 6:00 - 10:00 PM at Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley. The theme for this black-tie event is Havana Nights, and includes a plated dinner. Visit to learn more.