An Intro to Permaculture

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An Intro to Permaculture


Please join us as Allan Salas presents an intro in to the world of Permaculture. Allan is PDC Certified and has created the Dig It Permaculture Garden here at our shop.

This is a beginners class and will be the first in a series of permaculture classes to be held at Dig It and offsite locations featuring permaculture principles at work.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design discipline based on a set of ethics and the foundational principles of the natural world.  Permaculturists apply what they learn from nature and traditional land based cultures to the human environment. The aim is to develop human communities that improve the environment of life so that all may flourish. 

Bill Mollison and David Holmgren coined the term Permaculture Design in 1978 as a contraction between the words permanent and agriculture, later expanded to mean permanent culture.

The class will consist of the following:

Explanation of current modern agricultural crisis.

Origins of Permaculture/History of forest gardening around the world

Ethics of Permaculture.

How Permaculture systems work/benefits

Patterns in nature/Environmental emergence

Inputs and outputs

Staking functions


Creating a soil biota fiesta

Sheet mulching

Starting with the Natives

Tree guilds/Layers

Tall trees

Low trees, Vines, Shrubs, Herbaceous layer, Groundcover, Root layer, Pollinators, Nitrogen fixation, Diversifying your plantfoilio.

Walkthrough of the garden. Allan will explain the functions, uses, symbiotic relationships, future projects of what Dig It is implementing and perspectival philosophy behind the garden. Learners will self direct this part of the class by their questions and curiosities 

At the end everyone will receive hand crafted folded recycled paper envelope seed packets that includes a food forest seed starting kit harvested directly from our garden. The kit will be comprised of, vitex, moringa, passion fruit, Apple of Sodom’s, a little native flower blend and a plethora of different varieties of edible sweet potato live rooted in water cuttings.

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