100% Organic Compost

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tank's organic compost.jpg

100% Organic Compost

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The ideal soil amendment for any horticultural endeavor or garden project.

Vegetable & Flower Gardens: Above Ground Gardens or Raised Bed Gardens

New Beds: Fill new beds with 50%- 70% compost, 25%-50% native soil. Thoroughly blend Prococo Organic Coco Chips into the top 10-18’’ of the soil at a 15% Ratio (15% Prococo Chips: 85% Soil). Plant as usual.

Existing Beds: Each season, add 1-2” of fresh compost to replenish nutrients to soil Turn the compost into the beds where possible. 

In-Ground Garden & Seed Beds

New in-ground gardens: Blend compost with existing native soil to create a 4:1 mix of compost (75%): native (25%).  Plant as usual. The volume of compost needed depends on the quality of native/existing soil and the plant preferences.

Existing Gardens: Seasonally add 1-2” of fresh compost to replenish nutrients. Turn into beds to a depth of 6-8” and plant as usual.

In-Ground Trees & Shrubs

New Trees & Shrubs : Blend 1:3 ration of compost and native soil. Though the amount of compost needed depends on the quality of native/existing soil, and the specific needs of the plant. Plant as usual and use soil to build a berm to capture water. 

Existing Trees & Shrubs: Using Compost as a Mulch: Spread compost along the drip line of the plant. Cover compost with a layer of Decorative Woodchips or Composted Fine Mulch for additional insulation and water holding capacity. Keep compost and mulch away from the crown of tree or shrub. 

Lawns or Green Spaces 

New Lawns: For both sod and seed spread compost 2-3” thick and till into top 3 inches of the soil. Blend compost with existing soil to create a 50/50 ratio.  (see Top Soil or Divot Mix*) 

Existing Lawns: Use compost as a topdressing for spring greening, reseeding, as general soil nourishment, and/or to enhance water holding ability. Spread compost evenly between 1/4 – 1/2” thick.